Born in 1978 in Lithuania, Klaipeda. Her art education began at an early age when she started attending Eduardas Balsys visual art school. She then progressed to Visual Design Academy in Klaipeda (1996) and from 1998 to 2000 Ruta studied at Academy of Fine Arts Vilnius. After graduation she went to live and work in France. Since 2003 she exhibits in France, Belgium and Switzerland. In Lithuania her works are presented since 2014. Ruta Jusionyte has participated in over 40 personal exhibitions, and around 20 group exhibitions. In November 2015 Ruta Jusionyte had received Institut de France Académie des Beaux-Arts Georges Coulon award for the best figurative sculpture in 2015.


The works of Ruta Jusionyte are bright, contrasting and full of inner tension. Ruta’s works explore various human life themes. The artist thinks about a human in his certain stage of life. This exhibition aims to introduce one of the prevailing themes in Ruta’s works – the intimacy between a girl and a boy, a man and a woman. Ruta analyses human desire to meet another human, their being together, and their life as a couple. Her works study human being and his relationship to himself, to other human beings and to its inner animalism. According to Ruta, animalism is closely related to people through their environment, nature itself, and is imprinted in memories from fairytale stories and paganism. Ruta’s sculptural beings exhibit archaic family and animalistic metaphors. An animal receives human-like manners and characteristics, or vice versa – human receives them from the animal.

The sculpture presents a certain inner human condition, which can be seen and felt when looking at it. Through that look, through the emptiness of the eye of the sculpture, the onlooker is allowed to see inside it. In the painting human either sees himself or looks outwards. There is no unlimited field, forest, meadow, which can be felt by being in that field, forest, meadow. The spectator can only use his imagination, his memories, and knowledge in order to feel being restricted by walls in the surrounding space. He could have known, seen before, read before or could imagine things. Sculptures and paintings present Ruta’s look into the others, via her artistic self showing fantasy, sensitivity, optimism and little melancholy.

Christian Noorbergen. The high-risk art of Ruta Jusionyte

Ruta Jusionyte accomplishes the enthroning of nudity. Her primordial beings are human holes. There are bodies in those cavities and the infinite passes through them. Life fills the horizon and light keeps growing.

Ruta digs the ways of creation with raw nerves. Her sculpted beings, which were of the color of the mud, are now closer to whiteness and peace. They are loaded with grieves and shortcomings. Undefeated, they came through every disaster and their eyes are as big as their frailty… With sky slides, they are within reach of our tenderness.

Ruta, with a sublime density, dares to reconcile the universal man and his animality from within. Her drawings are islands of humanity, and precious appearances. Her paintings rummage through a close-up life, vital meetings, and the soft crowning of lived colors. Ruta fights against the dark part the order of the day doesn’t dare fighting. Each work is a long cross burn. A latent irony, a little caustic, gives air and lightness to guests who share life.

It is a high risk art, because there is not a shadow of entertainment. Not the least mirage of seduction, but an insidious contagion, the pure presence of a great work.

A raw and extreme compassion. Alchemy of the hardest presence and the beauty of life.

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