Painter, graphic artist, scenographer born in 1918 04 23 in Simnas. Studied at Kaunas Art School. His diploma (graduation) work was acknowledged as the best throughout the School’s history. Kasiulis graduated from Kaunas Applied and Decorative Arts Institute. 1941–1944 worked as a lecturer there.

In 1943 Vytautas Kasiulis exhibited around a hundred works in Kaunas Vytautas Magnus Cultural Museum. In 1944 moved to Germany. 1946-1948 lived in Freiburg and lectured at École des Arts et Métiers, led a drawing class. From 1948 lived in Paris. American gallery Hallmark announced a competition in Paris and Kasiulis’ work was chosen from several thousand applicants. Fifty competition winners’ works were shown throughout the United States.


In 1949 Kasiulis held his first personal exhibition in Paris. In 1950 well-known Parisian gallerist Christian-Gilbert Stiebel pas offered to organise a large personal Kasiulis’ exhibition. All the works at the exhibition were sold. Ch-G. Stiebelis and V. Kasiulis signed a cooperation agreement and held Kasiulis’ works exhibitions in Paris every year.

V. Kasiulis became one of few Lithuanian artists who gained recognition in worldwide art scene. Paris and New York Modern Art Museums, France, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Australia and other countries’ galleries and collectors hold Kasiulis artworks, justly called by art critics one of the most interesting twentieth century (second half) Parisian school artists

Art researcher Laima Bialopetraviciene

V. Kasiulis is buries in Paris de Pantin cemetery. Artist’s legacy is around 1500 oil on canvas paintings, 950 pastels, 200 gouache, around 50 litographs.

Vytautas Kasiulis’ artworks were exhibited in goup exhibitions in Lithuania:

‘Lithuanians in Paris” (Pr. Gailius, V. Kasiulis, N. Arbitblatas, A. Moncys, Z. Miksys) M. Zilinskas Art Gallery in Kaunas, 2010 (organisers – Edvidas Zukas, Valdas Papievis).

”World Lithuanians in Paris 20th century 2nd half” (Pr. Gailius, N. Arbitblatas, V. Kasiulis, A. Moncys, Z. Miksys), Kaunas College Justinas Vienozinskis Arts Faculty Gallery,  2013 (organisers – Edvidas Zukas, Valdas Papievis).

In June 2013 in Vilnius opened Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum where all creative periods of Kasiulis are presented in retrospect. Kasiulis’ collection of 596 artworks – oil paintings, pastels, watercolour and gouache paintings, drawings and sketches, exhibition’s posters, personal things and archive – was donated to Lithuania by artist’s wife Brone Kasiuliene.

Artist's works

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